30 November 2011

Perfect Day

Hey!!  I've got followers!  Be careful!   No telling where you'll end up!  Sometimes I don't even know (well, ok, most of the time!)

I'm known for kinda' wandering 'till I end up somewhere.  Creates havoc for people who are extremely organized, but I managed to raise two stable kids and have six grandkids between them.  So, even though they sometimes wondered just what was down that road less traveled they came out ok!

I have discovered in wandering some of the sweetest moments of my life.

This was done using plain, ole BIC markers and a black Sharpie.  Oh, and a white gel pen.  Not too fond of gel pens.  I've since found a white pen I like much better.  It's the Sharpie poster paint pen.  The fine line one is really good for lettering and highlights and doesn't tend to clog up on painted pages as much as other pens do. 

On a different vein...in our neck of the woods the weather was PERFECT today!
Sunshine, quite cool and not a cloud in the sky.  Our church is preparing a float for our annual Christmas parade so the day was spent working on that.  We'll be putting it all together tomorrow night and the parade is Friday night.   The theme this year is Songs of Christmas.  When we get it all put together I'll get a pic posted.

'till next time...

29 November 2011

A New Journey

Welcome to Zion Mountain Studio! 

 When I decided to start a blog, a gazillion ideas about what to write whirled in my head.  I think they flew away with the beautiful things I plan to paint until I see the white paper!!

Seriously, what do I have to say that someone else hasn't already said and probably much more eloquently!  (Big word, huh?!)

You'll find out fairly quickly, I'm not computer savvy.  When I send an e-mail, I'm never really sure it's going where it's supposed to.  I live in amazment when I download a photo to Facebook and it actually goes where I want it to!  So, don't be surprised at what you see here.  Or what gets left out that I thought was put in!

Hopefully, I'll learn more as time goes by and we get better acquainted.

I'll mostly write about art, music and the daily here and there that goes on.  Like you, I stay very busy and with the abundance of new stuff to learn, I rarely get bored.  So, join me on this journey we call life.  

Until next time...