31 March 2013

New Jersey on the Train

Wow!  It's been a crazy world the last month or two!  I looked up and realized it had been quite awhile since we've visited!  

I tend to not discuss plans ahead of time when I'm traveling, but late January and all of February were spent on the road.  My husband has to travel occasionally with his job and when possible I like to join him.  So, this time he had to travel to New Jersey.  Looked into flying, but as I haven't flown since 9/11 I didn't really want to go through all the security issues.  It was a long way to drive and although I've done it before, I didn't really want to make a really LONG two day drive.  So....I looked into the train.  Having never traveled by train and since it was comparable by price to flying I purchased tickets and began preparations.

The time to leave approached and since the nearest train station was 2 hours from home some very dear friends drove me to the station.   The day started out dreary and snowy, but thankfully the roads were clear and we made it to Texarkana without incident.

After arrival I had my ticket printed and proceeded to wait since I was about an hour early. 

As the time to leave approached we went outside to wait trackside.  It was dark and seemed very surreal not knowing what to expect.  I hugged and thanked my friends as the the whistle blew and the train rolled into the station right on schedule.  Making an effort to relish the event I imagined myself in a 40's movie waiting for the train in a dramatic scene.  

Then reality set in.  Dragging a ukulele, rolling duffle with sleeping bag and pillow attached and a backpack loaded with computer, art supplies and papers, I was wishing I had paid more attention to learning weight lifting!   

But I found a conductor who put me on the correct car and while trying to stash the duffle the train slid away from the station and I was on my wayI learned real quick riding a train is kind of like trying to keep up with a moving floor.  It's like I imagine getting sea legs is like.  Feeling a little weird at first, I stumbled my way up the stairs and wobbled my way to my coach seat.  I must  tell you I have never been drunk but I have to wonder, "This MUST be what it's like!"  

And THIS is where the adventure began!

So, I'll end here and come back soon to add more...

I hope everyone has had a blessed Resurrection Day!  
He is risen!!   He is risen indeed!!!



04 March 2013

Hey World

Hey World!!
It's dreary and it's cold and it's a beautiful morning!  How can I say that?  Well, God is good for one thing and He's blessed me beyond measure.  
Many of those blessings are what some people 
would never consider a blessing, 
but for me they're huge. 
Another thing is, 
it feels SO good to realize where you're supposed to be in life and what you're supposed to do. 
 I've always wondered what I would be when I grew up 
and envied 
(I know, I'm not supposed to do that)
people who had it all figured out when they were young.  Oh, I think of the years gone by 
just trying to find my place, 
my little spot in the world.
 I can't say they were wasted 
because I've got the most loving family
and got to raise two wonderful kids.
I've been blessed with six grandchildren
and have one more coming in June!
Could I have utilized it a little better?
Probably.  But, that was yesterday.  Today is now.
Now is all I'm going to devote time to.

 These are a few more snapshots of
herbs drawn and painted
in the herb workdshop by 
Val Webb.
Val's lessons are so easy to understand
and she presents some really good
techniques for drawing and painting.
She is starting a new workshop for
watercolor lettering soon.
Check it out!!

Would also like to let you in on this fabulous workshop opportunity.  Check out the site below and
sign up for the "21 Secrets" workshop.
It's an unbelievable workshop at an unbelievable price!!!