25 May 2012

With a Heavy Heart

My heart is heavy tonight.  After coming home from dinner in town we found our dear, dear Dudley lying by the deck.  We immediately knew he had passed away.

Although he was getting old, we had chosen to believe he would be with us always.  Certainly he had that kind of attitude.  He was kind of fat, lazy when he wanted to be and aloof when he thought you needed to be ignored.

But, he always came and sat with us anytime we were outside.  He was my escort when hanging out the laundry.  Keeping my legs wrapped up with cattail was his mission and he did it well.  He loved to be rolled on his back and have his belly rubbed and when I rubbed his ears, he became almost ecstatic!

His full name was Dudley Dooright, although we often called him Duds.  I fondly called him Studley Dudley even though he'd been neutered years ago.

I've had many cats through the years and some of them for many years.  But, I've never had a cat that was so much a friend.  Even my non-cat-person husband adored him.  Nobody better mess with Dudley.  Joe would line you out if you did. 

I've cried like a baby and although I also know that time will heal, I will always fondly remember that chunk of yellow tabby called Dudley.

Dudley Dooright 1999-2012


  1. I'm SO sorry for your loss. My husband and I have an old cat, too-Mocha and he is my best friend. Although I don't know you and I just happened to find your blog, I'll send you healing thoughts and hope you find comfort in your memories of Dudley.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts! I still catch myself starting to call him when I go outside. The little stinker will be missed for a long time!