09 February 2013

Hey everybody!  

I know.  It's been a long time since I've visited with you.  I've been busy, yes, but so is the rest of the world. 
 I've gotten lazy, had internet problems, and just plain have had issues about keeping up with the blog.

Am I the only person that seems to have a hard time 
settling on one thing?  

I've designed cross stitch for years and years and LOVE it.  
I always worked under the name  
Laughing Moose Design Works.  

Laughing:  because I feel that even though life gets serious, if we keep laughter in it, it will definitely be better. 
Moose:  in memory of my high school basketball coach.  It was the nickname he game me in 10th grade. 
Works:  it just sounded good. 

Then, go figure,  I went off on a different tangent. 
Not necessarily a new one, just less cross stitch.

Watercolor, pen and ink, and colored pencils have pulled me for years too.  I'd never felt like I was good enough,
 but I've decided, "Good enough for who?"  
Will my work  ever hang in a great museum?  
Likely not.  
Can it add joy and happiness to someones life? 
 Yes and frankly, isn't that what it's all about?  
That's when I decided to work under the name 
Zion Mountain Studio.

Zion, because of the Christian aspect of my life.  
Mountain because I live on a mountaintop and 
Studio....again, self-explanitory.

Then, I jumped in with both feet and decided to do a blog.  Did I think first?  
Not much! LOL!
Is that common for me?  Unfortunately, yes!

Well, after a long absence, I'm having to 
make some decisions. 
 Simplifying life seems to be a big deal right now.  
It's like the older I get
the more streamlined I want (NEED) things to be.

So....It's looking like this is what I will do.  
  I'm going back to my original name with the exception of the Works part.
"Laughing Moose Design"

I will be starting a new blog soon 
when I decide exactly which system I want to use.  

I sincerely hope I'm not the only person in this here ole' world that has the 
"get it together and get it done" problem!!

In the meantime my best friend and I work together making some of the best, sweetest smelling, 
"good for your skin" soap in the world!!!!!   
We've been selling locally and at craft fairs, 
and are working on an Etsy shop and web site.

So, as they say,
"Life ain't easy, but it sure is worth the ride"!!

As soon as I know which way this is all going, I'll be sure and let you know too!   

You know, I've learned not to pray for patience 'cause things tend to happen to develop patience.  
SO.....I'll NOT be praying to get it together......
I don't need more stuff to organize!

Take care all and blessings to 'ya!!!  

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