26 January 2012

Been Awhile...

Hey everybody!  It's been awhile since I've visited with you.  It's been crazy busy around here for some reason.  Not as much art being done as I'd like, but there's been a lot of family stuff that's had to get done. 

Music has taken a lot of time and have a couple of new songs written.  I'm kind of cyclical about things.  Art takes first place for awhile, then music, and back again.  My favorite music is Bluegrass gospel, but will listen to ALMOST anything.  Can't say I'm a big fan of rap, but I'm kinda thinkin' the rap world doesn't really care!

Also very busy working on my Medical Transcription training.  Finished up another section and will be starting Pharmacology tomorrow.  Looking forward to getting it done.  Ready to be gainfully employed.  But, the new college semester started and helping baby-sit our granddaughter so our wonderful daughter in law can finish up her education.  So, I guess full-time work wouldn't work out right now anyway.

Should have some pics of some art-journaling I've been working on posted in the next day or so.  I'm still working on that "project" I posted earlier.  Not sure which way I'm going to go with it right now, so it's kind of on the back burner.  Maybe inspiration will hit and it'll come together soon. 

So...'till next time-

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