09 January 2012

Oh Blah!

It's one of "those" days.  One of those days I just don't know what to do with.
It seems that every time I get a start on something, I find myself looking out into nowhere and getting nothing done.  It started out as an errand day, which always tends to turn into a "time-wasted" day.  I used to be so unaware of these kinds of days, but as I get older, I am so very, VERY aware of them.  And they seem to come more and more.

I have noticed that if I get my Bible study done first thing in the morning, I am much more productive throughout the day.  It's as if my mind cannot focus if I don't do what I know I'm supposed to do first.  Focusing is such a difficult thing to do.  As soon as I sit down to work on something, my silly mind says there's something over here to do.  "Wouldn't you rather be doing this?"  And as sure as I decide that, yes, I WOULD rather do that!  Bam!  Look over here! Here's a project you haven't worked on in a while!!

Then, I look at the clock and I've "WASTED"  (ugh...wasted!!!) two or three hours!

This MUST stop!  There is so much art to do, so much music to write (and play), so much reading to be done...SLAP...SLAP....ok...that should do it!

I will close this post,  get into 1st Timothy and study and then do some art!!
Pray for me to focus!!  I know you will! 

Oh, and Teri, I HAVE finished my first research project in Labratory and Diagnostics.  One project and one final to go!! 

'till next time-

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  1. YAH!!!!!

    I love your blooms here, so very pretty!!!