12 January 2012


Well, yesterday we had Spring here in Arkansas!   Goriously beautiful!!  Temps in the 60's.  Even though I think about how awful summer may be if it gets this warm this early, I still enjoyed it.  Boy, is it a good thing I enjoyed it!

Spring disappeared overnight!!!

It is Sooooooo cold right now and has been all day.  In the low 20's and a wind that will literally suck the breath out of you!

But, oh, it was a wonderful day anyway!  As one facebook friend posted today..."don't forget to pray today, God didn't forget to wake you up"! 

My mother turned 82 today (so, that should give you a vague idea about my age! LOL)!  To celebrate, she got to take a 1 1/2 hour drive for a carotid artery Doppler checkup!  Fun, huh?  Had to leave around 7 a.m. but, even though it was VERY cold, it was a beautiful, clear day. 

Plus, and this is a big plus, this town has a Hobby Lobby!  Woo-hoo!  And a bigger plus, I had $50 in my pocket my mother had given me at Christmas, so with the 40% off coupon (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those coupons), the clearance section and pastel sets on sale at 30% off I had a field day!  Plus, hubby went in with me(walking all over the store is too tough for my mother, so she waited in the car) and since I just happened to have an extra coupon....

...I was fortunate enough to come home with a new small set of pastels; a set of eight bottles of Windsor and Newton inks; a brayer which I'd been needing for awhile; two bottles of liquid watercolor (clearance); a journal for a friend; a bottle of Higgins white ink (clearance); a bottle of transparent red ink(clearance); and a wind chime for my mother!    What a haul for $50!!!

After Hobby Lobby, had to make a trip to Book-a-Million (don't have any book or craft stores in our little town).  These are usually the only stores I care about going to when we go out of town as I rarely clothes shop (HATE it!), so after the book store, we decided get some lunch and motor on back home. 


Now...I got plans for tomorrow!!  Have learned to be flexible with plans but if all goes well...

First off, I've decided I must make a "bucket list".  I had done one, although they weren't called "bucket lists" then, years ago when I was around 13 years old.  I lost it somewhere down the line and would LOVE to have it back.  Don't remember much that was on it, except that I would someday live on a 1000 acre ranch and in the mountains.  I didn't get the ranch, but I DID get 40 acres in the mountains.  Works for me!!!

(View out my north window)

I've been working on some mixed media journal pages.  Trying to learn to loosen up and just "do".  I tend to work on 4-6 pages at a time when I do mixed media, so I don't have any finished pages to post right now.  As soon as I get some done, I'll get them on here.


Got my workspace cleaned up enough to work tomorrow, and ready to settle in with a good book for now and listen to the wind whistle around the house.  So....

'till next time-
(Lillies from my garden a few years ago!  I usuallly LOVE winter,
but already thinking Spring!!)

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