03 January 2012

On a Roll!!

Hey!! Two days in a row!  Gonna have to stop this.  I'm feeling efficient and that's a feeling I've rarely had in my life.  I'm usually the one who skids in at the last minute with that nagging "I forgot something" thought that lingers 'till I get home.  Then, I usually find out I DID forget something. 

But, maybe you'll be able to glean something from today's post. 

Several years ago, I was searching for something to store my brushes in and being "fiscally conservative", I refused to spend a lot of money for it.  It had to be able to hold several brushes and travel well.  It had to breathe to allow the brushes to dry and not get moldy.

While my hubby was working up in northern (WAY NORTHERN) Minnesota a couple of years ago, we took a short day trip over to Bemidji.  The little town he was working in didn't have any kind of craft stores (kind of like being at home!) so when I found a Jo-Ann fabric store, I pleaded with him to stop.  While getting my "art and craft" fix I found a bamboo placemat.  It kind of rolled up in my hand when I picked it up and I realized it would make the perfect brush holder. 

So, I left with a placemat, two kinds of ribbon, needles and STRONG thread, glue and black elastic.

It was tough to sew as the needle wasn't too fond of going through the elastic, but after a few hours of perserverance and a couple of sore fingers, I had a perfect brush holder!

I stiched the elastic leaving enough room to slip my brush in, but not enough room to be loose.




The wide ribbon I glued to the outside and used the narrow ribbon to wrap around the whole thing and tie.


Hope this was helpful to you in some way!

'till next time-

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  1. Sherry,what a fabulous idea. It looks super. x