13 January 2012

Mixing Media

Hey everybody!  It was a bitter cold night in our neck of the woods last night, but it warmed a little today.  I know a lot of folks don't like cold weather but, hot weather makes me so miserable, I totally look forward to a bit of cooling off.

Being a basketball fan, I stayed up late last night to watch a late game.  It wasn't worth it.  My team got trashed but  hey...'ya win some, 'ya loose some.  My time would have been much better spent in my work room (although I did spend about half the game in there 'cause it was much more interesting than what was happening to my guys!).

Did manage to finish a couple of pieces of mixed media work.  I love this stuff 'cause it's pretty much anything goes.  You can really loosen up and just go with the it.  I love the fact that if you don't like what's happening you can just float on another layer of paint or maybe some gesso and go at it again.

In fact, these two pages were pretty crummy I thought, so I added a couple more layers of paint and just started adding embellishments.



If you'd like a good book about Art Journaling with mixed media check out
"The Art Journal Work-Shop" by Traci Bunkers

She also has a great website at www.TraciBunkers.com

I'll leave you tonight with a shot of my messy corner of the world!  Every now and then I dig out and find everything I've misplaced so I can go at it again.

So...'till next time-

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