05 January 2012

Well,  ole man sun has set and the chill is seeping in.  I had to stop and ask myself today what month it was!  Honestly, if I didn't know better I would have thought it was May!  It got so warm at one point, I actually had to wipe sweat from my forehead!!  But, it's cooled off and the wind is bending the trees, so it's acting a little more like winter tonight.


Today was a busy day, but one of those kinds of days where you work like crazy and get nowhere!  I did manage to get two more chapters done on my medical transcription course.  Making a little progress! Planning to do three tomorrow.

I also got to add some watercolor to some sketches in my journal.

The next picture is of my little Altoids tin watercolor set. 
 You can find a tutorial at

Well, it's getting kind of late and since my dogs barked at coyotes and deer coming up into the yard all night last night, I'd better call it a night.  It seems I usually get more accomplished at night, but since most of the world operates on a day-time schedule, I'm expected to comply with them at least to some degree.  So goodnight all-

'till next time-

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