01 December 2011

Happy Thursday


Once again God has smiled down with beautiful weather in our area!!  A nice day for a drive, which was a good thing because where I live it's a drive to almost anything!!

Took my mother for a doctor appointment about 1 1/2 hours from home.  I'm learning to take a sketchbook with me, so I managed to get a sketch of the waiting room.
Got to have an epiphone! (mighty fancy word for ah-ha moment, isn't it?)  I've been drawing since I was a kid and it's always pulled me like bugs to a zapper, but there's also always been something about it I just didn't get.   Learning to SEE!  Really see!  Remembering what you saw and being able to reproduce it. 
I've always been amazed at how an artist could see something once and remember enough details to paint it hours later.  Hopefully, I'm not the only one that has managed to be a complete failure at this.

Well, as I was sitting in that room, I started to notice little things that stood out.  Used to be that a waiting room was a waiting room.  They're all practically the same right?
It's wierd, but I can right now, 5 hours later, remember how the ceiling tiles looked.  The color of the walls and how the light played on them.  The odd little circles in the plastic frosting film on the window wall.  The color of the urn in the corner and how the light made shadows on the simple metal picture frame.

I'm not really good at recording these details yet, but, maybe with time and a lot more sketching that will come along.

I haven't added the color washes because the merry-go-round hasn't slowed enough.   Will likely have to wait 'till tomorrow.  So...

'till next time-


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