19 December 2011

Zentangled Color

Happy Monday everyone!  No?!  Not happy it's Monday?  Well, I didn't see my obit this morning, so I'll keep going with Happy Monday.  My daughter-in-law was just lamenting the fact that the kiddos are out of school and they wake up at 6:30!  All I could think was PAYBACKS!!

Yesterday's church service was so inspiring.  The choir did a great job glorifying our Lord,  Pastor had a God-breathed sermon and we topped it off with a beautiful little girl singing "Happy Birthday Jesus".  It didn't hurt that she was my 6 year old granddaughter....

She was such a trooper.  On the second verse, she mixed up a couple of words, grinned and kept right on going.  That's my girl!!

It's quite overcast here on The Hill.  I thought yesterday was going to be beautiful and sunny.  Alas, there's a reason I'm not a weatherman.  But, wait, maybe that's what I should be.  I totally missed a correct forecast too!

Traveling today about 2 1/2 hours away to go with hubby to the VA hospital.  Nothing major.  Just an eye exam.  Hopefully, it will lead to some good sketches.  I like this new attitude of "seeking out" things to draw.  Maybe...just maybe...I'm learning to think like an artist.  Proof that as long as there's breath, there's opportunity to learn!

I know a lot of you love Zentangles.  I do too.   (Check out this link if you'd like to know more about them.  http://www.zentangle.com/)

Well, I've found a fabulous website and this gal so inspires me to create.  Here's her link:  http://www.milliande.com/ .  She does zentangle in the round with adding hand outlines.  I've been working on one for each member of my family. 

This is my daughter-in-laws hand I'm just getting started on.

This is my hand that I've gotten quite a bit done.

This is the first one I did of my hand with some watercolor added.  I love the look of black and white, but just couldn't resist adding color!

This is the one above with washes added around the border.

What I really love about these is, you can doodle just about anywhere!  They are so portable and you can put just about any pattern you want in them and think about it...patterns are EVERYWHERE!!!
Nature provides us with an endless supply and
then there's man-made shapes and designs
EVERYWHERE you look!

Try it yourself and just have FUN!!!

'till next time-

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