18 December 2011

It's early Sunday morning and I realize it's been a few days since I've connected with all of you.

The sun is just starting to seep a bit of glow from the east and the roosters have been trying to jar me out of bed for the last two hours.  I have stubbornly refused to cooperate up till now!  But, even though it's Sunday, there's still much to do and since I'm usually a night person, I thought I'd get up and see what a "leisurely" morning  is like.

Being a night person, mornings are rather difficult.  Not that I don't do them.  I often HAVE to do them, but they are usually rushed and I don't seem to take the time to notice how the sun starts to bathe the day in it's glow.  (and here lately, it's been so  gray and cloudy there's been no glow!)

But there is this morning and it's nice. I don't think I'll enjoy it from outside as it's 35 degrees, but it's great through the window. (This pic is from a couple of winters ago-we haven't had a good snow on my side of the mountains yet)

 I just wish I enjoyed coffee!  I love those commercials of waking up to the smell of fresh coffee. Mmmmmm..... If coffee tasted as good as it smells, I'd go through the day with a coffee iv.  But, I'm one of those who adds a little coffe to my milk and sugar.  NOT a really good thing.  Might as well drink hot cocoa made with whole milk!

I've been doing a bit of sketching although I'm trying to study for my final test in medical terminology.  Got all my abbreviation tests done (just so you'll know Teri!!), but the final test is 12 pages long and comprehensive, so I've got a LOT of stuydying to do!  I'd like to be sketching, but there is a part of me that loves the structured work of typing.  Crazy, huh?!  Sometimes I feel like two different people.  Mostly creative, but I still have that partly structured side that I have to satisfy.  Medical transcription should take care of that and then I can support my creative side!! 

The following sketches were done when my mother was in the hospital in November.

Three trips to emergency and two hospital stays in a week and a half.  The rooms seem to get so small you even sketch the iv bags!

Our little hospital has strips between the different wings with gardens.  This was the area out my mother's window.  It was dreary and rainy, but at least it wasn't a brick wall.

She slept a lot, which was good.

Just felt like splashing color since she got to come home!

She's been doing pretty good since then. 
At least, no more trips to the hospital or e.r.!


Well, the sun is up and it looks like the day will be bright and beautiful!
Our choir is presenting our Christmas cantata this morning and our director has been sick.  Hope he is feeling much better this morning, but I know God will bless it as we give Him the glory for the birth of Jesus!!!

Praise the Lord!

'till next time-

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  1. I love your hospital sketches, they really tell a story. Good to hear Momis doing better.
    YAH for the done test!!!