06 December 2011

Learning Goes On and On!

Well, I went in last night and decided I was going to "personalize" my blog.  I wanted my own photography, change the colors, etc, etc, etc....  Discovered there's a reason I use a template! LOL  It was a disaster! 
This was suppposed to be my background. 

Had words all over the place.  Posts were in places I didn't even know I had!  So, forewarned...if you ever log on and not sure exactly what's up...I'm trying to learn a little more and I've made a mess!

Top Blogger:
Are you keeping up with the Top Blog contest?  It's down to two great blogs and we've really had some good ones to choose from.  Gives me something to aspire to!!  Go to: www.blogguidebook.com to vote.

(Woo-Hoo!  Me cheering them on...)

(Took this pic at the Houston zoo with the intention of painting him and haven't done it yet.  I think I'll give it a whirl today!)

Now...in a different direction...

I've been working for some time now on a medical transcription course.  I've made some progress, but have been way too slow about it.  So...I'm going to start posting my progress on here to keep myself accountable.

For those of you following this...could you do me a HUGE favor?
If you don't see something posted here every day showing some progress, smack me!!  OK?

I've just finished Unit 15 and have a final abbreviation test and my final Medical Terminology test to take.  My plan is to have those finished by Sunday evening.

I'll post everything I do including study time and hope to be working in the field in a few months. 

Thanks everyone!!

Feeding Time:

My littlest granddaughter (she's 1 1/2)and I just finished feeding the dogs, cats, and chickens.  Had to break ice on the water dishes and as we were headed down to feed Molly the beautiful sound of honking pierced the air.  I don't know if these geese overwinter here or they were just momentarily headed the wrong way, but they were going east.  In the last 15 or so years large flocks of them have started just staying here year-round, but it was an amazing sight to see nevertheless.  Hundreds of beautiful birds filled the air and Annlyn was mesmerized by them.  It was a moment of complete enjoyment sharing with her.

'till next time-

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  1. I have also been there with remodeling my blog. I finally got what I wanted and am now afraid to try anything new! Ha

    Hey, if you need any help on your medical stuff, I am a retired RN. You can do this, I kow you can and I will be ready to bug you.

    It's fun to get to know you a little better.